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Acrylic Ice Rentals

Why Rent?

Dancing Ghost Acrylic ice is the best value, high quality acrylic ice on the market today. Anyone you know who owns and uses a piece of our acrylic ice will tell you it's  a great experience, but have you ever needed more than one, or two... or five?

Our rentals offer the ability to get exactly what you need for every shoot you do and at a fraction of the price, and if you've something particular in mind, that we don't currently do, it may well be that we'll consider producing it.

Rentals offer scope and flexibility, and cost effectiveness in a marketing world that's only going to get more competitive, but they also offer something more. They offer the kind of acrylic ice that hasn't been available in the past.

As our business expands, we hope to greatly increase the type of acrylic ice products in our range, including backdrops and large format ice blocks, as well as more high end drinks ice... Join us on our journey.

How to Rent...

For the moment, and until the full repercussions of the UK exiting the EU are known, Dancing Ghost Acrylic Ice is only available to rent in mainland UK.

All our ice is available to rent, and all on the same terms, but obviously, the logistics costs can make a small rent impractical. Nobody is going to want to rent a single small cube and then pay £20 in postage, that would make no sense. So, it's a horses for courses decision for you to make.

So, the info...


--  Our minimum rental is three days.

--  If you rent for 6 days, we gift you the intervening weekend free of charge.

--  The daily rent is calculated at 5% of the retail value.

--  We ask for the retail value to be deposited, our rental fees will be deducted from the deposit.

--  The deposit, minus our fees, shall be refunded via PayPal, on safe and prompt return. 

--  All postage, tracking and signed for etc, and required loss insurance to be paid by renter and will also be deducted from the deposit.

Let’s Do It...

For full terms and a quote, please fill in the form below, with a list of all the pieces you require and the dates for which you require them.

Click here for images and details of the pieces available to rent.

Remember, the minimum rental period is 3 days, and if you order for 6 days and the rental bridges the weekend, you will not be charged for the weekend.

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Thanks for your enquiry, we will email you within the next 24 hours. If you need a faster response, text me, Graham, on 07894207503.
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