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The Rental Gallery

Rates and images ~ Minimum 3 day rental applies to all pieces

Standing Column_edited.jpg

Large Column

The large column is 48mm in diameter and stands 150mm high

The large column was designed primarily as a display prop for product shooting

Rental Prices

£6.25per day

Ice Finger

The ice finger is carved from 35mm rod and is 32 x 35 x 135mm long.

Can be used in drinks shots in a tall glass, or as a product prop

Rental Prices

£9.00 per day

Ice Finger.jpg
The Platform_edited.jpg

The Slab

The slab measures 60mm x 25mm x 200mm.

The slab was designed as a product prop but can also be used imaginatively in drinks shots

Rental Prices

£11.00 per day

Birds Skull 1

The Bird's Skull 1 measures 48mm at the tick end and tapers to a point. It is 96mm in length.

We are fans of chunky clear ice, picked from a large block for our cocktails at home, and this first Bird's Skull is a copy of a particularly beautiful piece that came flying off the block one Saturday night. Looks great in a rocks glass, but looks spectacular in a traditional Martini glass.

Rental Prices

£9.00 per day

Bird Skull 1.jpg

The Incredible Chunk

The Incredible Chunk measures 48mm x 48mm x 105mm

The Incredible Chunk was originally designed with the bottle of a well known melon liqueur in mind, to somewhat mimic the surface of the bottle. Works best (we think) protruding from the top of a rocks glass.

Rental Prices

£13.25 per day

The Incredible Chunk view 1_edited.jpg
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