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The 38 mm cube falls between our most popular pieces, the 48mm and the 33mm. This one, the distressed round edged cube reprents a freshly hewn cube of clear ice, where the fractures in the ice and the tumbling process have allowed the corners to break away, and that has had time to begin the melting process either in the drink, or in an ice bucket. They can be used on their own, in multiples, or to give variety within a drink. Comes complete with protective bag. Shown with 23mm cube for scale - not included.

38mm Rounded Edge Distressed Cube

  • Our ice is tested for an hour in absinthe to ensure resistance to the alcohol in drinks, but you should not allow the ice to come into contact with harsh chemicals or cleaning agents.

    Store your ice pieces seperately from each other to avoid buffing and burnishing over time.

    Clean with warm soapy water.

    This piece of acrylic ice is professional equipment and not a toy. Keep away from children and animals.

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