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Camera Club Rental Scheme

Rates and images ~ Minimum 3 day rental applies to all pieces

Have a browse and then email me at with your requirements, and I'll email back on the same day so long as it's before 8pm

Small acrylic ice cube.

Small Cube

Ice tray style cube measuring approx 23mm x 23mm x 33mm.

An ice tray style cube, with fairly smooth faces, availlable as a full cube, or with either one or two corners missing.

Rental Prices

Full cube £1.40 per day

One corner missing £1.60 per day

Two corners missing £1.80 per day

Medium Cube

33mm cube, measuring approx 33mm on all sides

As with the small cube style, this style omes in full cube style or with one or two corners missing

Rental Prices

Full cube £1.80 per day

One corner missing £1.90 per day

Two corners missing £2.00 per day

Medium cube 1_edited.jpg
Large plain cube_edited.jpg

Large Plain Cube

A 48mm cube measuring approx 48mm on all sides

An undistressed cube, representing a cube cute from a block of clear ice, popular for whiskey shots, in particular

Rental Prices

£2.90 per day

Large Distressed Cube

A 48mm cube measuring approx 48mm on all sides

A distressed version of the large plain cube but with noticeable distressing to at least 3 edges. Again, popular in whiskey shots, this cube can be turned to give the impression of an undistressed cube in stills shots.

Rental Prices

£3.40 per day

Large Distressed Cube_edited.jpg
Rock Shards Group.jpg

Dolomite Shards

The Dolomite shards are designed around small rocks we photographed on our last trip to The Dolomites. 

These are fairly flat shards, about 17 to 22mm thick, and varying between 48 and36 mm in width and length. They work beautifully in a racks glass with dark soft drinks, or in gin and cocktail glasses.

Rental Prices

£2.55 per day, per shard

Carved Sphere

A 48 mm carved acrylic ice sphere

The carved sphere represents a clear ice sphere carved from a cube rather than moulded or pressed, giving it a slightly faceted surface and an off-perfect spherical form. 

Rental Prices

£2.50 per day

Small Column.jpg

Short Column

The short column stands 48mm high and is 48mm in diameter.

Works nicely as an alternative to the large cubes and the sphere. Great in a cocktail as a garnish platform. Have also been used in a wedding cake as tier separation.

Rental Prices

£2.00 per day, per shard

Small Ice Rock

Amorphic ice rocks, approx 22mm x 35mm

The small amorphic pieces work well on their own in a tall glass, or can be combined with other sizes in large summery cocktails and soft drinks

Rental Prices

£2.10 per day, per piece

Small Rock Group.jpg
Medium Rock Group.jpg

Medium Ice Rock

The medium ice rocks measure approximately 32 x 40mm

Work great on their own, or in combination with the other sizes in the rocks family. Also nice in splash photography

Rental Prices

£2.90per day, per piece

Large Ice Rock

The large ice rock measures approximately 38mm x 46mm (Size and form varies within reason)

The large ice rocks can be utilised in rocks glasses with spirits and cocktails or in more summery drinks. Great with cola and other dark soft drinks and iced coffee. They can also be used nicely in collaboration with their smaller cousins.

Rental Prices

£3.45 per day, per piece

Large Rock Group.jpg
Standing Column_edited.jpg

Large Column

The large column is 48mm in diameter and stands 150mm high

The large column was designed primarily as a display prop for product shooting

Rental Prices

£6.25per day

Ice Finger

The ice finger is carved from 35mm rod and is 32 x 35 x 135mm long.

Can be used in drinks shots in a tall glass, or as a product prop

Rental Prices

£9.00 per day

Ice Finger.jpg
The Platform_edited.jpg

The Slab

The slab measures 60mm x 25mm x 200mm.

The slab was designed as a product prop but can also be used imaginatively in drinks shots

Rental Prices

£11.00 per day

Birds Skull 1

The Bird's Skull 1 measures 48mm at the tick end and tapers to a point. It is 96mm in length.

We are fans of chunky clear ice, picked from a large block for our cocktails at home, and this first Bird's Skull is a copy of a particularly beautiful piece that came flying off the block one Saturday night. Looks great in a rocks glass, but looks spectacular in a traditional Martini glass.

Rental Prices

£9.00 per day

Bird Skull 1.jpg
Bird Skull 2.jpg

Bird's Skull 2

The Bird's Skull 2 measures 48mm at the thick end and tapers to a point. It is 98mm in length.

Similar to Bird's Skull 1 but in a much more distressed form. Will work in the same way as the other Bird's Skull, but will also work with the ice rocks as a larger than large rock.

Rental Prices

£12.75 per day

The Incredible Chunk

The Incredible Chunk measures 48mm x 48mm x 105mm

The Incredible Chunk was originally designed with the bottle of a well known melon liqueur in mind, to somewhat mimic the surface of the bottle. Works best (we think) protruding from the top of a rocks glass.

Rental Prices

£13.25 per day

The Incredible Chunk view 1_edited.jpg
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